5 Ways to Engage Youth in the Fight for Civil Rights

January 19, 2014
Chris Emdin

A few days ago, I placed my cell phone, keys, and wallet in a small plastic bin and slowly walked through a set of large metal detectors. After making my way through the machine, I was asked to raise my hands as an officer scanned me with a hand held device. As soon as she was finished, I was told to wait for a few seconds for the items I placed in the bin. A minute later, my belongings rolled through a conveyor belt and the bin was handed to me. I nodded and smiled at the officer who handed me the bin, hoping to break the tension that filled the lines in her brow. I received an emotionless stare in return.

In an attempt to recover from what had quickly become an awful morning, I quickly made my way through a long hallway to my destination. Unfortunately, it wasn’t an airline terminal. It was a science classroom. I walked into the classroom, made my way to the back of the class, and prepared to begin my work — observing and then coaching a new teacher….

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