A Change of Heart: Maybe Don Lemon Was Right

August 01, 2013
Chris Emdin

Yesterday, I wrote a piece critiquing the venom that CNN anchor Don Lemon spat at the Black community for its lack of responsibility in addressing the “thug” behavior spurred on by hip-hop culture. Since last night, I have had a change of heart. Perhaps Don Lemon is right. Perhaps we do need to address the real issues within our communities and target those who enact behaviors that are against the norm. These people are bringing us all down, and they represent the worst in all of us.

The other night, they walked the streets of Huntington Beach, California like an angry gang with their undergarments and lack of manners on display. A few of them yelled at the top of their lungs using a mix of expletives and slang that indicated a lack of concern for education. They kicked over private property and walked the street with unbridled aggression. They littered, seemed to be on drugs, and caused tens of thousands of dollars of damage in just a few hours. When the police showed up, they resisted. They even threw…

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