Dr. Emdin has provided my staff with the most useful and concrete professional development sessions I have ever seen. His work has complete transformed our school, inspired our teachers, and invigorated our students. Please come back as soon as your schedule permits.

Ingrid Thomas-Clark, Principal: Shirley Chisholm Campus, Brooklyn, New York

Dr. Emdin drives home the point that our youth don’t have to abandon their identity or heritage to find success in any field, especially STEM fields. Dr. Emdin is a must-see for any group that wants to engage and excite our future generation.

Gary Davis, President and CEO of NCAIED

I sat in the audience expecting to fall asleep and left the auditorium ready to take on the world. I also bought Dr. Emdin’s book and that changed my outlook education as well. If you have anything to do with education, children, social work, you need to hear this man speak.

Shauntai Allen, Teacher: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Our entire campus is till buzzing from Dr. Emdin’s speech. It was absolutely incredible. I truly have no words to describe what I just witnessed. I want to change careers and become a scientist or science teacher right now.

, STEM fair coordinator: Rennsealer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York